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Marketing and Product Strategy with Startup Execution

We are startup junkies, who work with you to grow your business by helping you to create better products and improving all touch points within the customer experience.

We have helped clients both big and small to innovate and improve customer acquisition, engagement and retention.

We become a part of your team and become partners in the creation process to  execute the best strategy and bring the best products to market.



Small, dynamic and multi-faceted, we make ideas become a reality. We go well beyond powerpoints to actualize our proposed strategies in collaboration with your team.



Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Our blend of experience in design and business allows us to create remarkable brand experiences.



Our unique perspective derived from practical knowledge in engineering, user experience and strategy enables us to oversee robust strategies that keep the target consumers in focus.



We work closely with your team to nimbly iterate from problem or idea to solution. Along the way we continually assess the offering to guide the right prioritization.

Our Clients

Innovators. Strategists. Leaders.




Sergio Paluch is a visionary. He has led and set product strategies for companies big and small for over a decade. Sergio approaches each problem with an entrepreneurial mindset to get products out to market quickly while balancing the need to create delightful experiences and a well-defined marketing strategy that supports the client’s goals.

Sergio had his start at Google and went on to establish the design methodology for an interactive start-up in San Francisco. He co-founded Montparnas in 2006 with a vision to create a consulting firm that married an empirical approach with sound strategy, design and execution.

Sergio holds degrees in economics and physics from Dartmouth College and an M.A. in development economics from Boston University. He also serves as an advisor to several non-profit startups.



Kimmy Paluch is an exceptional marketer and product leader. She effortlessly combines her marketing, engineering and experience design knowledge to drive products from concept to launch. A keen focus on the consumer and market opportunities enables her to consistently develop, communicate and execute high-impact marketing and product strategies. Always the entrepreneur, she thrives in wearing multiple hats and quickly iterating to the best solutions.

Prior to co-founding Montparnas, Kimmy served as product designer and product manager for a web development startup in San Francisco. She has also served as Senior Brand Manager for LeapFrog Enterprises where she developed the team for a newly created global gaming division with focus on portfolio diversification and white space innovation

Kimmy holds degrees in computer science and Spanish from Dartmouth College and an M.B.A. from MIT Sloan School of Management.

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Based in Oakland, CA with clients around the world.


(415) 738-7326

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One of the most important things that I’ve learned in the three years that I’ve been working on our startup, AtmaGo, is that it really is a rollercoaster ride. I’ve heard this many times before from experienced entrepreneurs, but nothing can really prepare you for the reality. At the beginning, your startup’s trajectory will be…

Yes, Big Corporations Can Innovate Too

I used to think, like many, that large corporations cannot innovate. I thought that they are too large, too boring, and too riddled with politics and institutional inefficiency to move quickly and to innovate. Having consulted for a slew of large clients over the past decade, I realized that while these generalizations are often true,…

Flawless Product Design with a Large Team

A user experience that is designed by a group should be as seamless and coherent as though it was designed by an individual. When experiences are created by a team of designers inconsistencies are often introduced, making the end product awkward and, in some cases, introducing usability errors. In my own experience, I have found…

Avoiding Agile Disaster

Agile development can be a wonderful thing. Unlike a waterfall approach that can be mired with checkpoints, bottlenecks, and other friction, Agile can free organizations to move quickly. However, with that freedom come deleterious consequences. Chief among them is the loss of  product identity, which leads to an unrecognizable agglomeration of disjointed features—A blob of garbled parts. A Blob…

People Prefer Choice over Better User Experience

Recent research suggests that if consumers perceive that their freedom of choice is limited, they will often switch to a new product from one with which they are already familiar,  (“Why Dominant Companies Are Vulnerable“,  MIT Sloan Management Review,Winter 2012). The researchers, Kyle B. Murray and Gerald Häubl, explain that this phenomenon might be one…

The Future of Interaction

In his article A Brief Rant on the Future of Interaction, Bret Victor counters the status quo and a recent video from Microsoft projecting the future of interaction. Victor argues that, while the future does encapsulate using our hands, the future is tactile and not touching glass or ‘Pictures Under Glass.’ He summarizes his argument…