UX News Round-Up

UX News Round-Up

Like Pointillism, Web Metrics?

This past week, The Economist ran an article on web metrics and banner advertisement. The piece explores the difficulty involved in interpreting metrics and the meaning and evolution of measurements like page hits, page views, and user sessions. But perhaps the most important point in the article is its last sentence: “Advertisers just have to consider all these new measures as they would a pointillist painting by George Seurat: looking at one dot is no fun; taking them all in can be rewarding.”

LiveJournal Sale

Yesterday, Six Apart announced the sale of LiveJournal to the Russian media company, SUP, for an undisclosed amount. Russia boasts the second largest community of LiveJournal users after the U.S., and the sale follows a year-long partnership between Six Apart and SUP in which SUP operated the Russian LiveJournal. Though reports say that traffic to LiveJournal has been mostly static in the last year, the number of users to the Russian site has almost doubled in the same time.

The Not-So-Quiet Death of the Major Re-Launch

Way back in 2003, Jared Spool wrote the article “The Quiet Death of the Major Re-Launch.” In August of last year, UIE republished the article to significant commentary. Though there was ample discussion on the benefits of major re-launches from a technological and operational perspective, the main point of contention was the impact of the major re-launch on user experience. Now, a year later, one commentator comes back to say, “We were warned. You have been warned.”

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